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Support for Entrepreneurs

The spirit of entrepreneurism is ingrained throughout the OBBC culture. We want to foster that spirit through our support of those who wish to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. OBBC would support organizations who encourage individuals who portray that same desire to make their own path with dedication, hard work and a desire to be different.

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Outer Banks Boil Company Founder, Matt Khouri was a senior at UNCW studying Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurism, when he wrote the business plan for OBBC. 

Although Matt only earned a “C” for his efforts, his entrepreneurial spirit never wavered. Today the company boasts ten locations and has been featured in many national publications including Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazines, and even made an appearance on National TV showcasing their famed Signature Seafood Boils.

Fox and Friends outdoor set
Matt Khouri on Fox and Friends
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Matt Khouri on cover of Franchise Magazine
Kiind Cocktails and Outer Banks Boil Company Seasoning
Holden McOwen of Kiind Cocktails
Kiind Cocktails logo

Holden McOwen

Holden McOwen is a true Outer Banks local. Born in Manteo in the room he grew up in, he spent his youth running around town (usually barefoot) with a bevy of friends. He played football from a young age and went to Jacksonville University on a football scholarship. He also competed in Olympic Weighlifting and placed nationally in the top three in his age group.

After a year at JU, Holden transferred to Appalachian State University with a preferred walk-on offer for football there. But fate intervened and his path diverged. Sports had always been a passion, but he also started feeling a call to music while in high school. And now, with more time on his hands, he had to pursue it. This passion bloomed into a decade of writing songs and performing live at venues throughout the South and eventually with a Reggaton record label, Sebi Music. During this time he also created Kiiind Collectives to bring together music and art and to spread kindness throughout the community.

Holden is known for loving a good time with good friends, so, it was a natural progression that he came up with a business plan to combine those two things into a new venture: Kiiind Cocktails. With this business, he offers classes on creating elevated cocktails and also is hired to provide elevated mixology services for parties, weddings and other events. He has a great time teaching small groups of people at an intimate house party as well as directing the cocktail experience at big events.


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Long Way Home Productions logo

Trey Govan

“As a budding photographer / videographer, im often asked, what do you shoot? My respond is always, “I capture the essence of the moment in front of me.” No matter the subject whether it be model, music event, product shot or wedding. For me the beauty is in capturing the raw essence of whats in front of my camera.  My journey is forever ongoing. The fulfillment I get from diversely honing my craft drives my passion to continue to learn, grow, express and tell  stories through my own lens. My other endeavors include event coordinating, clothing design, modeling, and videography. All of these tools are what assemble the core foundation of Long Way Home Productions giving me a unique approach to my craft."


Trey Govan

Long Way Home Productions


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