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Our EPIC Project + Kiiind Cocktails

When we founded Our EPIC project last fall we knew we wanted to make a difference and support those, who like us back in 2012, were just getting started in building their own business. Being an entrepreneur is tough. Its an all hands on deck, all the time, endeavor. We were lucky to have supportive friends, family and business partners in the community. Matt had worked several jobs in Corolla prior to starting OBBC and we relied on those folks to help spread the word. That's why it was so important for Our EPIC Project to help those just getting started in making their own dreams come true.

Earlier this year, by complete chance, we met Holden McOwan. Holden was just getting started with the formation of Kiiind Cocktails. There were so many similarities in the experience driven service he was offering and what we do here at Outer Banks Boil Company. The desire to provide guests with a special, memorable and unique offering coupled with outstanding customer service and a great product, made this a natural fit for OBBC to help Holden promote Kiiind Cocktails.

We asked ourselves, What's better than a Signature Seafood Boil? A Signature Seafood Boil with hand crafted cocktails of course! A blog post on OBBC's site was crafted featuring Kiiind Cocktails. We used our social media platforms and marketing emails in conjunction with a featured spot on our order forms to help spread the word. Within a few hours, Holden had his first booking through OBBC.

Since then Holden has booked several events and his business is well underway.

We’ve had an awesome first summer! Business has been booming, but even more importantly, we have connected with so many awesome families and gained friendships that will continue to grow every single year.

- Holden McOwan

We look forward to any event that we get to share with Holden. Here's what our GM in Hatteras had to say about working with Holden at an event....

It’s awesome to partner up with young ambitious entrepreneurs like Holden from KiiiND Cocktails. We love supporting entrepreneurs like Holden. Helping him get his name out there and grow his business.

- Chris - GM Hatteras

OBBC and Our Epic Project had a small hand in helping promote his services but let's be honest....Holden is a great guy and Kiiind Cocktails is a great business. The success he's having is the result of his hard work and dedication. This is just the beginning. Join us as we celebrate his success. Cheers to Holden and Kiind Cocktails!


Tina G
Tina G

Would love to support Kiiind Cocktails. Is there a link to Holden’s business?

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